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After researching water quality, holistic health and water technologies for 22 years I have discovered there is no single best drinking water system, so I offer a custom drinking water system configured with State of the Art components to purify and transform any water, from well water, to the nastiest city water….into the highest quality drinking water creating a medicinal spring water quality with therapeutic properties.
Water with superior nourishing and hydrating abilities, better than any bottled water.  My philosophy and approach to water is based on the understanding that when water is in its purest form and at its highest quality, it is a “Living Substance” endowed with both physical and energetic qualities that are inherently necessary to properly nourish a living organism on all levels.

Viktor Schauberger, passes down the knowledge of water as it existed on earth prior to the mass removal of the earths ancient forest.  A midst earths many other naturally occurring waters are truesprings and seepage springs, “truespring water” being the very best for drinking purposes of people and animals.  A Truespring occurs when water travels the complete hydrological cycle from high in the atmosphere, down to the deep molten layers and back up to the surface of the earth. Seepage springs hit impenetrable rock strata causing water to return to the surface. Truespring water is purified and fortified within its journey of the full hydrological cycle, its mature and full of life to be offered to other living organisms. By Comprehending and Copying nature we can create this natural phoneme in our home.

Currently there is no one best drinking water system, so I utilize the best of what is available.

Water purification is extremely important, but is only part of the process.  Once water has been physically purified, it is  transformed and enhanced into a truespring water quality.

Water Purification + Water Transformation + Water Enhancement = Water Perfection

The components below comprise my base system, Purification and Transformation.

PURIFICATION Multi-Stage Filtration, Reverse Osmosis and De-ionization copy the process of water naturally traveling deep within the earth and its contact with molten layers, water is reborn, completely purified, its juvenile and hungry, ready to be fed. I offer several different RO systems depending on your needs and budget.

TRANSFORMATION This component copy’s water journey back to the surface of the earth.  Within this journey water is fed, nourished and endowed making it mature and full of life, like a mother feeding its baby.  Semiprecious stones and rare minerals are combined create a mineralogical strata. Water is naturally ionized, alkalized and mineralized with nano size traces, highly adsorb-able to the bodies cells.  Because of the special media used, water is also endowed with bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties.

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