As you know common issues with pond/lakes are the overgrowth of weeds, algae, foul odors and cloudy water. These issues are imbalances in the overall health of the body of water and are caused by lack of circulation/water stagnation, lack of dissolved oxygen suspended in the water, build up of organic nutrients, imbalance with fish populations and a lack of beneficial microscopic life in the water. I address all of these issues, as well, possible issues with the lake/pond surrounding environment which can effect its health. My approach to water quality is all natural, I do not employ the use of any chemicals, I implement long term natural solutions.

What I can do for your lake/pond will depend on the body of water, its issues, how much you want to budget and to what degree of water quality you are wanting to create.

My working relationship for clients starts with an in person consultation to survey pond/lake, discuss options and demonstrate equipment. I am an independent, not salaried by any firm, so I must charge for consultation to cover my time and travel expenses. Cost depends on how far I must travel. I am just a one man show and am often on the road servicing client in the entire western US.

The Oloid Water Circulation Technology

From Switzerland the Oloid system has been in used worldwide since 1998 with hundreds of installations. I have been directly involved with implementing the Oloid since 2004.  I serve as Inversion-Technik GmbH exclusive representative in the United States.  The Oloid has been used in numerous applications including ocean harbors, lakes & ponds, aquariums and fish farms, liquid manure ponds and sewage treatment plants.

Oloid Diagram2

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                 Floating Islands

BioHaven® floating islands (also known as floating treatment wetlands or FTWs) are a new and powerful tool in water stewardship. They biomimic natural floating islands to create a “concentrated” wetland effect. Independent laboratory tests showed removal rates far in excess of previously published data: 20 times more nitrate, 10 times more phosphate and 11 times more ammonia, using unplanted islands. They are also extremely effective at reducing total suspended solids and dissolved organic carbon in waterways.products_2


                Effective Microorganisms


Effective Microorganisms or EM for remediation of Lakes, Ponds and Wastewater.  For more information visit