I been researching and working with this type of equipment since 1994, the devices I offer now are the best in the world.

UMH Water Energizer from Austria

This European Water Structuring technology was developed in the 1970’s and is made of the finest materials including brass, crystals, rose quartz, shungite, and EM Ceramics, among other precious stones.  In addition to structuring/energizing water in multiple ways, the UMH also vortexes water with Sacred Geometry enhancing its entrainment or energy transfer process.  Every measurement in these beautifully constructed devices are designed to evoke the energy of the Cosmos with Phi.  I highly recommend the 3/8″ UMH unit as an add on to my base drinking water system.  Please review attached documents.

Water in Harmony With Nature

This is how the UMH technology functions: Flowing tap water is initially swirled centripetally and split into small streams. Then water passes through a highly effective vibration fields, which is generated by specifically informed fluids, special gemstones and other natural energy sources.  With the achieved reduction of surface tension and the change in the crystal structure, the water feels softer.  Through direct contact with the energy field a reliable transmission of bioenergetic fields takes place. Thereby a positive reorganization of the physical structure of the water is achieved. At the same time the harmful information in the water is shown to be eliminated.  Attached are some of the scientific reports on the UMH, brochure and a short video which shows how the units are made in the factory.

TrueSpring Shower System – Filter combined with UMH Energizer

UMH added onto TrueSpring Base Drinking Water Systems

Please visit this link to download brochure and scientific reports on the UMH.

AcquaPhi Water Dynamizer from Italy

The AcquaPhi from Italy energizes and implodes water as it flows through a Golden Mean of Fibonacci Spirals, vortexing and charging water with its egg shaped metta material cosmic antenna. Larger AcquaPhi units are also available for whole house and agricultural installations.

Below are some pictures of my clients installation, I highly recommend this add on option to my custom base drinking water system. 

Please visit this link to download scientific reports on the AcquaPhi