Because I am asked about alkaline water machines and alkaline water often I created this statement, “Bottled alkaline water and the machines sold for home use such as the Kangen, Jupiter, Ange, Vollara, Tyent, Echo, Life Ionizer and others are commonly known as a micro-water technology and utilize electrolysis to split the water molecule.. I sold these machines in 1995 for a short period of time. Intuitively this treatment of water felt very unnatural. After studying Schauberger I understood this electrolysis treatment to be an adulteration of water. This method was developed in hospitals as a therapeutic healing treatment for persons with cancer and other sever health conditions, this water was never intended for the average healthy person as their daily drinking water. Though hype, misinformation and multilevel marketing they have become very popular in North America. Simply compared its the difference between eating conventionally grow foods or organically grown foods. One very important thing that no one talks about is the fact that these machines do not have sufficient purification. There should be concern about traces toxins and contaminates not being removed and those contaminates actually becoming more volatile because of their contact with the electrolysis treatment. Most wellness or health experts know the most effective way to influence the bodies pH is through diet, not by the water one drinks.” 

The term “Structured Water” is often misused by the companies marketing alkaline water and alkaline water machines, in truth the electrolysis process actually “Destructures” water.

In order to be fully informed on this trendy topic I highly recommend watching this video that explains medically why alkaline water is a myth,