Why is the quality of water we drink so important?
The foundation of optimal health and vitality is WATER. It is responsible for the function of every biochemical interaction that occurs within every cell and tissue in our body. Water is the most essential substance to our existence.

I see a missing link, as today there are so many people interested in obtaining optimal health, people experiencing all sorts of chronic health conditions and people realizing conventional medicine does not have all the answers to our health issues, yet so little is spoken about the quality of the water we consume on a daily basis.

Water is the most undervalued part of our daily diet and the most under-prescribed medicine by healthcare professionals. Considering that our bodies are mostly water, I believe the water we consume to be the underlying matrix that determines our ability to achieve optimal health on all levels.

Proper hydration is crucial in almost all biological process. From controlling the body’s metabolism, to regulating blood pressure, to the body’s ability to eliminate waste on a cellular level, optimal health requires proper hydration. Water is the substance that makes the majority of the body’s functions occur; water maintains our vigor and vitality. Yet, many people go through life drinking too little water and water of poor quality, setting their body up for imbalances and disease. If one expects to achieve and maintain optimal health, then one must maintain proper hydration. Not all water is the same and only water of a certain quality posses the ability to thoroughly hydrate the body.  Not being completely hydrated is what doctors are now calling “subclinical dehydration,” or dehydration without the acute symptoms.  This means, you may be dehydrated, but not feel dehydrated. With just a three percent loss in body water volume, fatigue and organ dysfunction are caused. Once a person begins to experience a dry mouth, the body has already begun to suffer the stress of dehydration. Since it’s the large intestine that assimilates the water we drink, it takes 48 hours to rehydrate ourselves once we have become dehydrated.

Cellular Hydration
We have water both inside and outside of our cells, however, only water of a certain quality can penetrate the cell membrane. This intracellular hydration is crucial to the inherent function of the cell, enabling it to cleanse itself of wastes and toxins. In addition, our metabolism requires optimal hydration to function properly. Micro currents of bioelectric signals are sent from the brain to regulate metabolism. Proper hydration supports the optimal conductivity of these bioelectric signals, enabling the metabolic system to communicate with the body efficiently.

In order to achieve this complete and intracellular hydration the water we drink must be of a very high quality. Recent discoveries have shed new insight on what is truly required to effectively hydrate the body at the cellular level. A fatty membrane encases the cells in the body. This membrane keeps intracellular water in place and also selects what is allowed in and out of the cell. This membrane also helps regulate the water content of the cell. Until recently, the exact means by which water enters the cell had not been precisely understood. Scientists assumed that water simply passed through the membrane because the membrane was somehow semipermeable. Then, in 1992 a Johns Hopkins researcher, Peter Agre, discovered our cells possess protein water channels that he named aquaporins. Aquaporins are tiny water-bearing protein channels in the cell membrane. Different types of tissues possess different types of aquaporins for optimal management of water flow. Most importantly what was learned was that it is water’s molecular structure that determines absorption and hydration of the cells. Water in its liquid state is a network of fairly large clusters. Aquaporins only allow water molecules whose structure are small enough and arranged in the proper order to enter the cell. Our bodies must break down larger water clusters into smaller, more manageable molecules for optimal absorption. Age, toxin exposure, weakened immunity, stress, and many other factors impede our body’s ability to do that. This is very important because it is in this cellular interaction is that we are either fed or not fed on a subtle energetic level. Being subclinically dehydrated long term can contribute to accelerated aging and life-threatening illness. This is why proper hydration is so critical. Only water cures dehydration. Once dehydration is corrected at the cellular level, healing is possible. Many disorders are triggered or worsened by dehydration. Under the stress of dehydration the body takes desperate measures to conserve water, which disrupts many areas of our physiology, including the immune system, inflammatory response, hormonal balance, and even blood pressure.

How do we make cellular hydration occur if the water molecule is too large to be easily absorbed? With an all-natural approach, by observing how nature creates water of this quality, we can restructure water into smaller clusters and arrange their bonds so the water molecules are accepted by aquaporins.

Copy and Comprehend Nature
Unfortunately, in today’s world, most people are very removed from ancient water wisdom’s. Native peoples, indigenous cultures and advance ancient civilizations understood that certain springs were more suitable for drinking than others.
Naturalist and inventor Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) known as the “Water Wizard”, coined the motto, “Comprehend and Copy Nature”. The ancient primal forest of upper Austria was his place of study. Viktor would spend hours on end meditating with pristine mountain streams. It was here Schauberger conceived his natural science principles, along with his study of Goethe, Pythagoras and Keppler. Viktor teaches us that the very best water to drink on a daily basis is that of a “True Spring Water”. Visit https://truespring.wordpress.com/2013/01/12/the-water-wizard-viktor-schauberger/ also http://www.pks.or.at
True Springs are found all over the world and can be differentiated from seepage springs by temperature. They are usually found in old growth forest, as there is a symbiotic relationship between the spring and the ancient trees. Unfortunately many true springs have disappeared with the ancient forest. True Spring water has traveled a complete hydrological cycle. First traveling deep into the earth and on its journey downward, water reaches the point where it comes into contact with the earth’s molten layers, than it is completely purified and energetically reborn. This reborn water, under enormous pressure, is than pushed back to the earth’s surface. As it journeys upward, it grows, is endowed, it matures and gains structure through the contact it makes with the different layers of minerals and stones before returning to the earth’s surface.

Other symbiotic relationships play an important role in the existence of a “True Spring”, as well: the energetic synergies of the earth, its atmosphere and the energetic influences of the cosmos. A “True Springs” relationship with the ancient old growth trees where it emerges from the ground, is very important in facilitating the flow of energy that makes these symbiotic interactions possible. The final part of the journey in which water becomes fully enlivened is it’s cascading movement in a waterfall and or flowing in a mountain stream where it is naturally infused with oxygen.

Water’s Energetic Quality
My approach to water is based on the understanding that when it is in its purest form and of its highest quality, it is a “Living Substance” endowed with both physical and energetic qualities that are inherently necessary to properly nourish a living organism on all levels.

Modern science and its technological systems to date, refuse to perceive water as a “living substance”, how it’s capable of holding vast amounts of information, how it functions energetically within the environment and how it synergistic-ally conducts vital life energies throughout the environment. Thus, conventional water treatment overlooks the energetic quality of water in its treatment processes and its standards of water quality. While these conventional systems are very effective at removing physical contaminants, they do not address the energetic qualities that remain after conventional treatment. Water is like a DVD or CD: it remembers everything it comes into contact with and holds that information in an electro-magnetic imprint. After conventional treatment water remains energetically dead, lifeless and laced with harmful information. Another drawback to conventional water treatment is the removal of beneficial trace minerals. As well, the conventional transportation of water through straight pipes and its delivery in highly pressurized systems further contribute to the detriment of water’s energetic quality. In addition, water handled in these conventional ways creates an environment for pathogenic bacteria to breed, thrive and is also responsible for the phenomena of mineral deposits in pipes, appliances and water equipment. The concept of addressing the energetic quality of water is relatively new. People don’t realize it, but we are constantly energetically saturating our bodies through the fluids we drink. By design, the body has the ability to be nourished both physically and energetically. Unfortunately, due to processing, packaging and delivery methods, the fluids we often consume are energetically dead and laced with harmful information.

Back in the 1970’s Theodor Schwenk developed the first method of depicting water’s energetic quality; this method is call Drop Photography. This method involves photographing and analyzing the formations generated by single drops of water as they impact a dish of water and glycerin. The drops are photographed at the moment of impact. Complex patterns of harmonic turbulence occur, which differ depending on the quality of water being tested. If water is of good quality or tested from a natural source it will express rosette and vortical patterns. If water is of poor quality or contaminated by pollutants it will lack expression.
Schwenk created the Institute of Flow Sciences in Herrischried Germany and authored the book “Water the element of life” with his son Wolfram Schwenk.

Another method depicts water’s energetic quality in frozen water crystals. Water research and author Andreas Schulz developed the Hagalis method of water crystal images.
ParisTapWaterAbove is tap water from Paris France.
SpringWaterAbove is a “True Spring” water.


Adulterated Water
In recent years water systems I commonly refer to as “micro water” systems have become the hip new craze. The Kangen, Jupiter and other brands utilize an electrolysis process to split the water molecule. These machines are really therapeutic healing devices which have proven themselves effective to shock the body back into an alkaline state when afflicted with cancer or severe obesity. This is obviously not a natural way of going about conditioning water. As well, these system have insufficient purification before the water is exposed to the electrolysis process. Much more research needs to be done on what exactly happens to contaminates exposed to the electrolysis? Do those contaminates become more volatile? No one seems to be talking about this important point. I do not recommend these types of systems, these systems manipulate water quality in a very unnatural way.

Creating a Fountain of Youth
The water systems I advocate and offer copy the formation of a “true” natural spring, going beyond just purifying water, to additionally transforming and enhancing water into a “true” natural spring water quality. There is no single water system that can do this, so I integrate an array of the very best components available to create the finest water possible. Within this array of components water is first purified on a physical level, then transform and enhanced into “true” spring water quality. Reverse Osmosis is the first component used for purification. This component mimics water’s journey down deep into the earth and its contact with the molten layers. After Reverse osmosis water is reborn. Water purification is extremely important, but is only half of the process. Once water has been physically purified, it is crucial that it is enhance, transformed, energetically purified and endowed into spring water quality. Water is enhanced by passing thru stratum/media layers of semiprecious stones and rare minerals from Japan. The water’s contact with this special media ionizes, alkalizes and naturally infuses it with nano size traces of available minerals for the body. Because of the special media used in this system, water gains bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties. Next the water is “Energized” and “Structured”. In this Energizing/Structuring process semiprecious stones are utilized because of their ability to enhance nourishing energies and to dissipate harmful ones. Each stone has its own unique qualities: Sodalite improves cellular hydration, Blue Calcite aids in oxygen utilization, Carnelian stimulates creativity, Aventurine neutralizes EMF pollution, Amethyst emits negative ions, Jasper offers a grounding Earth quality, Rose Quartz transforms stressful energies into heart-based energies, Citrine encourages proper metabolism, and Garnet enhances the nurturing actions of all the stones. The high frequency mixture of minerals, semiprecious stones, and gold nuggets restore water’s original vitality as it takes in the Earth’s natural frequencies, imparting a harmonizing resonance, making water energetically purified. The final component, a Vortexing process, increases the availability of dissolved oxygen in the water. Water treated with this array of components is completely purified, mature, vitally alive, it’s water that is nutrified to feed both body and soul.

The manner in which we store our drinking water is also very important.
This Schauberger inspired water storage vessel, the “Water Egg”, the inherent shape of the egg and the materials it is made from perpetuate the enlivened qualities of your drinking water. https://truespring.wordpress.com/2013/02/11/the-water-egg/

For more detailed information about these systems and others email,

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