The Oloid is a proven device that induces circulation/mixing into a body of water or wastewater. The Oloid is extremely unique as it moves water in a way that no other system does. The Oloid is a real time solution for many of the problems currently facing the lake/pond management, wastewater industries, fish farm and zoos/aquariums industries. This system is highly efficient; it operates with fraction of the energy usage of conventional equipment. The Oloid is a versatile piece of equipment allowing it to be installed in numerous ways. In many situations the Oloid compliments existing water treatment equipment, making that equipment operate more effectively and efficiently. Maintenance of the Oloid is minimal, requiring only replacement of bushings and seals annually.  Please watch the video below for a complete overview of the Oloid Technology.









WTS OLOID powerpoint presentation

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In August of 2015 I arranged and consulted in the set-up of a Canadian Oloid representative and consulted on the formation of this new organization in Canada

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