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There are three aspects to water quality that concerns; chemical, organic and energetic. The latter only recently entered Western consciousness even though it’s a concept that’s been upheld in ancient cultures for millennia and given credibility by Western science in the last 20 years.
For farmers and gardeners, nurturing water should be as central as cultivating the soil, plants and animals. Much of the water that agriculture uses could be improved to create extra benefits for the farm and garden. Flowform™ water treatments improve water quality by using nature’s own
enlivening methods – incorporating the active vitality of a mountain stream and the pulse of life found throughout nature.

The Flowform™ unique signature is therefore streaming water that generates a steady rhythmic pulse and a figure-8 flow pattern, proven through many applications and much research to increase water’s capacity to support life. Effective oxygenation also occurs, and this oxygen acts as a binder for the rhythmic enhancement of life forces. The rhythmic pulse of life is found in all living things, with or without a heart. Both Rudolf Steiner and Leonardo Da Vinci pointed out that only through rhythm does life flow. Living things are not just operating on a bio-mechanical and chemical basis!

Energy is inherent in water and indeed in all things. This may seem a very modern concept but as early as the 1920’s, quantum physics had shown that all matter is energy. Nowadays, much that we take for granted is based on this fact. For instance, the natural frequency
of silicon is the basis of our sophisticated information technology. Everything material emits a signature frequency that is measurable as photon light radiation or quantum energy. These signature frequencies carry messages that can influence their environment. Modern science
has been corroborating these energy field activities for some 50 years now. But it isn’t simply the material that emits energetic information. Different forms and movements also generate different frequencies, influencing the complex field of energy even more. Water is the most exceptional element on our planet. To a most sensitive degree, it continuously updates its internal molecular cluster structures with energy information coming towards it from other substances and activities, even from very far distances. Such energy can be either positive or negative for living forms and needs to be managed accordingly. As water spirals and swirls it continually renews itself with energetic frequencies coming its way, keeping up with time and therefore with life. Still water becomes stagnant only because it has ‘fallen out’ of the stream of life.
Pictured above the Matatiki a beautiful, relaxing ceramic Flowform® water feature that enlivens the environment for your home, apartment, office and garden. It is very simple to set up, requiring only 5 liters of water and a power socket for the quiet pump that comes with it.

Designed in New Zealand based on the Flowform® invention of John Wilkes (Associate of Royal College of Art) and beautifully hand-crafted by an ethical Buddhist family in their top quality ceramic studio in South Vietnam.

The Matatiki can energize tap water for drinking or activate liquid fertilizers for your garden. It comes with a water chute to collect vitalized water direct from the vitalizing figure8 flow.

The Kotuku outdoor ceramic Flowform
The Kotuku outdoor ceramic Flowform

An ‘exterior’ ceramic vase that enlivens the environment for your garden, courtyard or patio. It is very simple to set up, requiring only 60 litres of water and a power socket for the pump that comes with it. The ‘Kotuku’ can enliven tap water for drinking or activate liquid fertilizers for your pot plants and garden. It comes with a water collection shute.
Beautifully produced by an ethical Buddhist family in their top quality ceramic studio factory in South Vietnam.

The Manawa vase Flowform
The Manawa vase Flowform

Above, the Manawa Modern Contemporary Design to add a stunning dimension to your interior designed office apartment or home. Produced in the latest reactive water proof glazes complimenting the unique dynamic figure 8 movement. All of these ceramic Flowforms are available in a wide range of colors.

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