“Theodor Schwenk was an extraordinary explorer of the mysteries of water, life’s own element. This book charts his scientific and spiritual journey, leading to insights all humanity should heed.” —John Todd, biologist, author, and inventor of the Solar Aquatics Method of Water Purification

“Water’s flow constantly links life and death. It is the mediator between the two, and its surface provides a common frontier in nature where they meet. Death is continuously being overcome there.”

It is the living movement of water that makes life on Earth possible. Based on spiritual science and on their own numerous experiments, Theodor and Wolfram Schwenk show that our Earth is a living organism, with water as a sensory organ that perceives vital cosmic influences and transmits them into earthly life

The authors’ approach to the current water and environmental crises goes beyond problem-oriented and piecemeal, band-aid solutions; rather, they suggest that we need a new and radical understanding of water—that we must, in fact, attain a revolutionary new level of consciousness if the Earth is to remain alive and available to human habitation.

This pioneering classic on water is more relevant now than ever before.

Theodor Schwenk (1910–1986) was a pioneer in water and flow research. He founded the Institute for Flow Sciences for the scientific study of water’s movement and life-giving forces. A well-known author and lecturer, he contributed original insights and methods to the production of homeopathic, anthroposophic medicines. He developed “drop-pictures” for analyzing water quality and methods for healing polluted, “dead” water. Schwenk gained public recognition with the publication of Sensitive Chaos: The Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air.

Some refer to this as the holy grail of water books, it was the first water book i read. It had gone out of print in the late 90’s. In 2001 I ordered a small printing of 200 copies and distributed them a several eco minded events on the west coast. This seemed to cause a renewed interest in the book, the publisher brought it back into print and it has been selling well ever since.
Myself with Wolfram Schwenk while visiting the Institute of Flow Science in 2004.

Visit http://stroemungsinstitut.de/institute/

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