Drinking from the Water Shrine
The Water Shrine for 2009 BhaktiFest made this event more eco-friendly by banning bottled water, participants were made aware prior to the event that drinking water would be provided and only to bring empty bottles. The 3 day event with 2500 participants who received most vibrant living drinking water I was able to create at that time.  I also provided a 45 minute presentation to a group of 250 BhaktiFest participants.

In pictures above, the Emerson Flowform pulsed vital life flowing vorticies and meandering figure 8 movements as the Water Shrine received blessing from all as they filled their water bottles, jugs and buckets for those providing food at the event.
Poster explaining the fundamentals of water’s Energetic quality and tables with information and display of nature inspired water technologies
Water Purification/Transformation equipment behind table, behind equipment 4000 gallon supply tank, filled by delivery truck.Water Angels Iris and Cyan, many thanks for helping make the Water Shrine happen so lovingly!

SolFest 2004

2005 San Fransisco Flower & Garden Show

Water Vow Ceremony & Harmony Festival

I am currently taking reservations for upcoming events. Email me if you wish to truly make your event eco-friendly by not allowing bottled water at your event and having us provide the Water Shrine for you!